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Reese Elledge Foundation Award

Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation was established in 1994 by his wife LaVerne and one of his closest friends and sailing cohorts, Reese Elledge to honor the memory of Chester and Chester’s devotion to and promotion of the sport of sailing. Twenty-five years later the Foundation, now stronger than ever before, honors Reese and his years of exemplary service and unwavering support.

On December 26, 2018, Reese was awarded the Foundation’s Certificate of Appreciation for his leadership role in the creation and development of the Foundation, its’ mission and its’ goals. His contribution didn’t end there, however. A partner at Gould & Ratner LLP and founder of the firms Environmental Law Practice, Reese provides the legal and accounting services required by the Foundation, as well as vetting the schools and the students applying for scholarships.

The award was presented to Reese at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting held in December. Jerry Thomas, President of Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation, said in a speech to board members, “we will always be indebted to Reese for his part in forging the Foundation’s mission of charity, for his continued guidance and for his selfless efforts promoting its’ cause”.

Thank you, Reese, from the Board and all its Members.

Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation provides unique and life changing opportunities to children in our inner-city by exposing them to the joy and skills of sailing on Chicago’s lakefront through scholarships to the Columbia Sailing School. The Foundation’s mission is to foster, encourage and support competitive sailing among Chicago’s youth on a local, regional and national level, and the education and training of youth in the sport of sailing.


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