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Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program – the Foundation provides tuition for inner city children from the Chicago Public School system who lack the financial ability to attend the Junior Sailing Program at Columbia Yacht Club.  Students are chosen by their teachers and principals based on criteria established by the Foundation and are given the opportunity to learn the sport of competitive sailing, which provides a platform that encourages good sportsmanship and respect, all factors in creating self reliant, confident and successful individuals.  This program is maintained through the Boards annual donations.

Scholarship recipients participate in one to four sessions at the Columbia Yacht Club’s Junior Sailing Program.  The Club’s program offers a variety of courses to students age 5-18.  Everyone begins with at least one week in learn-to-sail camp and all student involved in the program must know how to swim.  The Club’s fleet consists of 420’s, Prams and Optimists and the teaching staff are US Sailing certified coaches.

The Foundation has been fortunate to have several repeating students who have excelled at the sport and have been able to participate in the Club’s traveling race team.

For information on the Club’s Junior Sailing Program, or to sponsor a student through the Foundation, please contact us at


Sustained Scholarship Support

Sustained Scholarship Support Program – to further the Foundation’s mission, the Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation provides continuing support for qualifying scholarship students who desire to and would benefit in a long term competitive sailing program spanning multiple years. This requires an additional expenditure of roughly $2,000 per student, per year, which helps to cover the cost of equipment and travel.  The Sustained Scholarship Support Program provided the financial support necessary for these students to continue to learn and advance in the sport of sailing.


Olympic Campaigns Program

National and Olympic Campaigns Program – when financially able and appropriate, the Foundation supports sailors in competition.  The 2012 Willis Olympic campaign is our most recent example.  Foundation grants for a competitor require targeted fund raising.  The Foundation will request “challenge grants” rather than outright gifts to a competitor to establish desire and the commitment of the individual.  Sponsorship for sailing clinics and championship race events are part of this program.

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