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Jackson Burress Finishes His Fifth Scholarship Year in Columbia Yacht Club’s Junior Sailing Program

CHICAGO – In September 2016, Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation celebrated its’ 22nd anniversary as a patron of the Junior Sailing Program at Columbia Yacht Club. The Foundation is proud of its accomplishments over the past two decades and is honored to be the benefactor for one of the sailing school’s star students Jackson Burress.

Jackson completed his fifth season this summer as a student in the Junior Sailing Program. He received his first scholarship from the Foundation in 2012 while in the 3rd grade at Franklin Fine Arts Center. Now 13 years old and in 7th grade, Burress is a member of the junior race team at Columbia Yacht Club and continues to receive funding from the Foundation’s Sustained Scholarship Support Program.

Jackson started with the prams at the age of 9 and through skill and dedication, worked his way up to Columbia’s junior sailing team. With the Foundation’s financial support and the stellar coaching and guidance of Columbia’s sail master, Kurt Thomsen, Jackson is developing into a skilled sailor with a passion to continue in the sport.

Jackson Burress is just one of the Foundation’s success stories. We are proud of his personal achievements with the sport and dually proud of all our students and their incredible effort. No matter what the skill level, the Program provides an experience in sportsmanship and teamwork that lasts a lifetime.

Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation was founded in 1994 in honor of the late Chester Kuttner, a lifetime member of Columbia Yacht Club and devoted sailor. The Foundation was organized for charitable and educational purposes and is intended to foster, encourage and support competitive sailing among youth on local, regional and national levels and the education and training of youth in the sport of sailing.



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